Our Curriculum

Our purpose is to develop confident, happy, articulate learners, who are well prepared to make a positive contribution to society, and are best prepared for their next stage in education, increasing social mobility.

Mission – A School of Opportunity
Vision – Inspire, Believe, Achieve
Values – Innovation, Responsibility, Caring

Our curriculum is underpinned by language development. Language provides the foundations of thinking and learning and is prioritised at the heart of our curriculum. Language development, vocabulary, phonics and reading underpin our curriculum design – with quality texts used to drive the acquisition of knowledge and skills, ensuring context and deeper understanding of concepts.

Implementation of Our Curriculum

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which is underpinned by aims, values and purpose; develops the whole person; develops knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes; has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills
  • Teaching across all phases and subjects is at least good, consistent with policy and best practice
  • Ensure that Subject leader who, along with the Curriculum Manager, are instrumental in designing the progression of knowledge and skills across their subjects
  • Provide CPD so that Subject Leaders understand their subject, keep up to date with the latest education policy and practice, and disseminate best practices across the school
  • Subject Leaders monitor attainment and progress for all cohorts and specific groups and report to Assessment Manager
  • Action research projects to develop the best practice
  • Keep updated with latest education research and education policies and inform practice
  • Develop local subject networks to share best practice and ideas
  • Instil resilience with a love of learning
  • Develop a range of leadership skills in children, so that they can confidently take responsibility for their own learning
  • Ensure children are very well placed to succeed in the next stage of their learning
  • Understand and celebrate the diversity of communities
  • Equip children to have a positive impact on their community and understand local, national and global issues
  • Develop outdoor areas that are purposeful and easy to access
  • Build an annual enrichment timetable, that is relevant and to gives first hand experiences
  • Every cohort from Year 1 to go on residential linked to topic
  • Welcome visitors to bring learning alive
  • Use the local environment and links to Parish Council, Childrens’ Parliament to address issues of our time
  • Themed weeks to bring learning alive
  • Engage with parents and carers in subject specific curriculum evenings – to encourage learning together
  • In school learning together sessions


  • Children achieve excellent outcomes
  • Progress in all subjects, across all phases is at least good
  • The gap is narrowed for PP children
  • All children know their value and worth
  • Children show resilience and love learning
  • Children know a range of leadership skills and strategies and take responsibility for their own learning
  • Transition is seamless and children thrive in the next stage of education
  • Children understand and celebrate diversity
  • Children understand that they can impact on local, national and global issues and make a difference