At Grange Community Nursery and Primary School reading and writing are at the heart of our curriculum. Our aim is to instil a love of reading in all our children that will stay with them throughout their lives. We have created a calm, literary haven at the heart of our school, where children can relax and read during break-time and lunch-time as well, as using the space for guided and shared reading sessions. We also have fingerprint technology, so that children can borrow books to take home that interest and inspire them.

As soon as children join us they take a book home to share with their family. We colour band books, according to difficulty. Children are benchmarked on a half termly basis to assess children’s reading level and to ensure they are reading the appropriate coloured book. Texts from different published reading schemes and picture books are included, as are fiction and non-fiction.

Reading a variety of books develops good habits and independence. Children read different authors and types of text, such as poetry, stories, reports, explanations and recounts or diaries. They develop preferences and use the different styles in their own writing.

Each class partakes in shared reading sessions each day, where different genres of texts are explored and children deepen their understanding of vocabulary, text presentation and grammatical features. At Grange Commuity Nursery and Primary School, our shared reading sessions feed into our writing sessions to ensure that children have a continued exposure to high quality texts and use these in their writing.


“The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

With challenging texts in school and taking home books at a comfort level, children gain fluency and mastery in both decoding and understanding their books. In the early years we develop decoding skills and then move to developing children’s inference and comprehension, whilst developing a rich and varied vocabulary.

Our aim is to nurture lifelong readers and hope children will curl up with a book and read their favourite stories over and over again. Just for the love of it!