Inclusion & SEND

Here at Grange Community Nursery and Primary School we have a large team of support staff who work under the guidance of the teachers, and with leadership from our Inclusion Coordinator, Miss Wetherall, to provide support for children across the school.

There are a variety of ways in which your child may receive support throughout their time with us:

All children have their needs discussed on a half-termly basis at Pupil Progress meetings, and support programmes or interventions are put in place to support those children who need an extra boost or a different way of learning a new skill. It is not necessary for children to be on the Special Educational Needs Register to be part of this support and it is really part of the differentiation which goes on in every classroom. Teaching Assistants, Teachers and sometimes outside agencies work on these interventions, and where necessary staff are trained and monitored. For example, we have a Speech and Language therapist currently working in our school who is delivering support to groups of children and teaching our support staff at the same time. When the support involves someone who is not usually a member of our staff we notify parents.

The INCo and Pastoral Manager work together to decide where children need 1:1 mentoring, social skills programmes or support from an outside agency to help their social skills and behaviour. We have a group of staff who have been well trained in providing this type of support and the groups set up often include good role models from that year group. When this type of support is set up we notify parents.

Some children need more specialised support and they may have 1:1 support from a Teaching Assistant. We always aim to encourage the child to be as independent as possible but we have an increasing number of children with special needs who have their own support team. This team is set up by the INCo with as much involvement as possible from parents and teachers. The class teacher is still ultimately responsible for the progress of all children in their class but the SEN support team is there to help out as much as possible.

In short, all children are treated as individuals at Grange and their support is arranged accordingly.

Strong parent-school partnerships are very important in situations where are child needs more support and we hold regular meetings and transition meetings for all the adults working with each particular child.

Teaching Support Assistants

We have a group of experienced Teaching Support Assistants who work within classes. They may deliver programmes set up by the INCo when needed, but they mainly work under the guidance of their class teacher. Many of the teaching support assistants have had training in one or more areas and they receive regular in-house training from the INCo.

We hope that the above helps to explain how we support all children as individuals at Grange Community Primary School, but if you would like to discuss this further then please feel free to make an appointment via the school office with Miss H Wetherall.

Miss H Wetherall – Inclusion and Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator

Tel: 01606 800390

If you have any queries, questions or issues you would like to discuss regarding your child’s SEND needs, please make an appointment with Miss Albiston or contact her via email at

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