Information and Communication Technology has applications both as a subject and a resource or tool for learning across the whole curriculum. Each classroom in school has access to Chromebooks and iPads. This enables teachers and children to embed ICT across the whole curriculum, five days a week. For example:

  • Children can access a range of activities linked to all areas of the curriculum through Purple Mash. 
  • Maths activities and games, including TTRockstars can be used in class as well as at home. 
  • Children can access a range of secondary sources online to find out about the past, in History. 
  • Digital maps can be used to explore our local area and beyond, in Geography. 
  • Children are taught to use word processing for a range of tasks, including drafting and redrafting.

Each class also has an interactive projector, visualiser, and sound system.

Information and Communication Technology has its own skills and subject matter, these are split into: Computational Thinking, Information Technology, Digital Literacy and eSafety. At Grange Community Nursery & Primary School, we use Purple Mash to meet the curriculum objectives for computing.

Within the curriculum, children encounter databases, making and testing formulas to organise data in a variety of ways. They develop their computational thinking skills through using different forms of programming to solve problems, decomposing them into small parts and focusing on the attention to small details and very specific commands they need to become competent users and programmers.

Other ICT equipment such as data loggers link particularly to the Science and Mathematics curriculum.