At Grange Community Nursery and Primary School, we pride ourselves on being a “School of Opportunity”. We provide a wide variety of extra- curricular opportunities throughout the year through our extensive range of after-school clubs, educational visits and inviting a range of visitors to our school. School Educational Visits and Outdoor Activities are integral parts of our children’s education.  Every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age or circumstances.  They offer opportunities to enrich our curriculum, enabling our children to have first-hand experience of a wide range of topics and activities.  These often are the most memorable learning experiences and allow them to make sense of the world around them by making links between feelings and learning.

Residentials visits allow our children to develop social skills which have a long-lasting beneficial effect. Residential trips are available to all of our children, from Year 1 through to Year 6.  All visits are carefully planned, managed and organised by the teachers and range from short local visits, making the most of the immediate environment, to more entended journeys including North Wales and London.  Each year the school arranges an extensive range of educational visits and activities that take place off the school site and/or out of school hours.

In June 2022, our Year 6 children spent two fabulous days in our Capital City – London. They were blown away by the experience and  have so many memories to treasure.  They visited the Tower of London, had a birds eye view of the city onboard the London Eye, travelled along the famous River Thames on a riverboat cruise, enjoyed a meal with their friends at Pizza Express and watched the incredible, award winning  performance of the Lion King.  Full of inspiration the children returned to school and staged their own version of the performance as a wonderful finale to their time at Grange.

Making Memories