At Grange Community Nursery and Primary School, we pride ourselves on being a ‘school of opportunity’. We offer as many enrichment opportunities as we can throughout the year from extra-curricular clubs to visits to having a range of visitors into our school. Years 2, 4 and 6 all go on exciting residentials and each class go on a trip at least once a term. We also make use of places in our local area such as the library and the Winsford Academy.

Below are just a snapshot of some of the opportunities that offer to our children.

The Year 4 children went on an exciting, fun-filled residential to Colomendy, where they participated in a wide range of activities, which included caving and a vertical play pen. The children had to focus on their communication skills and had to show bravery and determination. The children relished the experience and have fetched many of their newfound skills back to school with them.

The Year 6 children went on a once-in-a-lifetime residential to London where they visited visited the Houses of Parliament, went on the London Eye, visited the Sea Life Centre, went on a river boat cruise down the Thames. They had a lovely meal at Pizza Express and then watched the incredible West End performance of Aladdin. They even did an Aladdin dance class, so they could perform like the stars of the show!

Years 5 and 6 went on an exciting trip to Manchester Airport. They were given a tour of the airport, got to use check in desks and even got to visit the top of the old air traffic control tower, where they had a view on the entire airport!

Year 2 visited Petty Pool Outdoor Education Centre where they tried a range of incredible activities. They faced their fears and went on a huge zip wire, tackled a tricky crate challenge and had a camp fire with delicious toasted marshmallows.


Our Year 5 children are fortunate to be able to learn an instrument. They choose their instrument in September and for the rest of the year specialist teachers come into school to help them learn how to play. Each year, the year 5 children perform with the Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.


We were extremely lucky to be able to step into outer space! We were visited by a space planetarium which enabled our children to see what it is like in space. It was an unbelievable experience!


Here at Grange Community Nursery and Primary School, we are able to participate in a vast range of sports competitions. Our children have competed at events such as football, cross country and boccia, plus many more. We love being able to provide our children with the opportunity to try new sports and they take great pride in representing our school.


We have been able to take part in the Sustainable Palm Oil Challenge that is run by Chester Zoo. All year groups, from Year 1 upwards, were visited each week by a zoo ranger, who taught our children all about palm oil and how it affects many endangered animals across the globe and how it is putting some animals on the brink of extinction! They learned about sustainable palm oil and as a school we are promoting the use of this product. We now check our labels for sustainable palm oil and will have a shopping bag, with our pictures on, which will promote this product when we all shop.

This exciting opportunity has led to another incredible experience – we will be going on a whole school trip to the zoo. We cannot wait!

Our outdoor areas here are amazing! We are so lucky to have a forest area, where all of our children are able to work with Ranger Chris on a Friday afternoon doing lots of exciting and challenging activities. We also have a wonderful allotment area that we are all helping to restore – the children from Nursery to Year 6 have all played their own special part in creating  wonderful area for the whole school community to spend time. Working alongside Kev and Chris gives our children many new experiences and allows them to work with different tools and attempt things that they would not normally do. This is an extremely important part of our school life.


We were privileged to welcome author Fay Evans into school to talk to us about her book ‘Bob’s Beard’. She gave the children an extremely interesting and informative talk about how she became an author, what it takes to write a book and how the children could follow in her footsteps in the future. This opportunity was invaluable to our children as they were able to think about career opportunities for themselves, but it also fed their love of reading and writing.

At Christmas, our KS1 children visited Delemere Forest to see Father Christmas and his elves. They thoroughly enjoyed spending time outdoors in the forest and it helped them to feel really excited for the festive period.