At Grange Community Nursery and Primary School we take online safety very seriously and there are systems in place to ensure that your child is safe online in school.

Our eCadets play an important role in keeping us safe online. We have two eCadets from each year group who attend regular meetings to discuss online safety issues and plan assemblies and activities for the whole school to get involved with. The eCadet programme allows us access to a flexible and engaging online safety curriculum that addresses the present online issues that our children experience. It is also invaluable that it is the children who share the information with their classes.

Our Year 6 eCadets have also been trained by the Cheshire Police to be eSafety Officers. They attended a training session at the Winsford Police Headquarters and learned lots of important information that they are proactively sharing with the school community.

We encourage children who have online safety concerns to share them with a trusted adult or an eCadet, who will then pass the concern on to a relevant teacher.

If you have an online safety concern, please email: