Great Fire of London

We will learn all about London in this fascinating topic. Using Paddington as our focus, we explore and compare a significant historic event – The Great Fire of London. We also investigate the properties of everyday materials, designing a waterproof coat for Paddington. Discovering Paddington’s bag has broken, we learn how to join fabrics together to create a new bag for him.

Quality Text: Paddington

We read the classic story of ‘Paddington’, the famous bear from Darkest Peru. This quality text immerses us in our interconnection of displacement and invasion, as we follow Paddington’s journey to the busy streets of London.


Poetry: Spinal

Narrative: Adventure

Non-fiction: Formal Letter

Use of Everyday Materials

Design & Technology:
Textiles – Templates & Joining Techniques (Design a Paddington Bag)

Measurement (Money) & Number (Multiplication & Division)

No Outsiders:
The Great Big Book of Families

Religious Education:
How do Jews show faith through practices and celebrations?

Online Safety & Spreadsheets

Metacognition & Self-Regulation:
Explicit Teaching

HO HO HO (Rap) & KS1 Christmas Production

Essential Skill:
Speaking & Leadership

The Great Fire of London

Mental Health

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Nantwich Museum, Day Visit to Local Post Office, Day Visit to Chester Cathedral (Sing the Christmas Story), Anti-Bullying Week, Remembrance, Road Safety Week, KS1 Christmas Production

Physical Education:
Ball Skills (Hands 1) & Dance (Water)