We will learn that rivers and river systems, are dynamic; changing the landscape in visible and at times dramatic ways. We will begin by examining the journey of a river through its upper, middle and lower course; from its source in the mountains, through the meanders of flatter land, to the estuary and its mouth.

Quality Text: Queen of the Falls

We read ‘Queen of the Falls’ as our quality text and discover an inspiring character who resolves to find fame and fortune by being the first person ever to go over the thundering waters of Niagara Falls in a barrel.


Poetry: Haiku

Narrative: Hybrid Adventure (Character, Setting & Action)

Non-fiction: Non-chronological Report

Art & Design:
Collage (Water – Eileen Downs)

Religious Education:
Christianity What do I think about Jesus and how is he portrayed in are around the world?

Number (Fractions), Measurement (Money) & Measurement (Time)

Bringing Us Together (Disco)

Animals, including Humans (Skeletons & Muscles)

Branching Databases

UK Regional Study (The Water Cycle/Rivers) School Visit from United Utilities

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Essential Skills:
Problem Solving & Listening

Physical Education:
Net & Wall Games (Tennis) & Striking & Fielding (Rounders)


No Outsiders:
The Truth About Old People

Enrichment Opportunities:
School Visit from United Utilities Day Visit to Local River