Bronze, Stone and Iron Age

We will learn all about the Stone Age, a period of history when man was developing his social relationships, farming and expressive arts. The three types of rocks are studied in depth in science and we learn how each of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary are formed. Children are excited to learn how fossils are formed and about Mary Anning’s discoveries and her journey to becoming the first female palaeontologist.

Quality Text: Night of the Gargoyles

We read ‘Night of the Gargolyes’ as our quality text in which the Gargoyles come to life at night. Children have an opportunity to imagine a scenario where another museum exhibit comes to life and the mischief that they could get up to!


Poetry: List Poems

Narrative: Character

Non-fiction: Newspaper Reports


Design & Technology:
Textiles – 2D Shapes to 3D Products (Design a Christmas Tree Decoration)

Number (Addition & Subtraction) & Number (Multiplication & Division)

Bronze, Stone, Iron Age

Essential Skills:
Speaking & Leadership


French adjectives of colour, size and shape

Physical Education:
Dance (Weather) & Invasion Games (Netball)

Enrichment Opportunities:
School Living History Visit from Stone Age Man, Day Visit to Llandudno Mine (Bronze Age) School Visit from a Bahá’í, Residential Visit to Standon Bowers Day Visit to Chester Cathedral (Sing the Christmas Story), KS2 Christmas Production, Anti-Bullying Week, Remembrance Road Safety Week, Y3 Class Assembly

Keeping & Staying Safe

No Outsiders:
We’re All Wonders

Religious Education:
Free Choice What is the Baháʼí Faith?

Ukuleles and KS2 Christmas Production