This term we focus on our capital city of London. We take a look at the roots of London and why it came to be such a major city. Additionally, we also compare London to our local area and showcase the similarities and differences, and why this may be. Then, we learn about the British Monarchy, and top the whole thing off with a residential visit to bring our learning to life.

Quality Text: The London Eye Mystery

We read ‘The London Eye Mystery’ – a crime fiction, which encourages the children to become detectives and solve the case of a missing person.


Poetry: Free Verse

Narrative: Settings (focus on atmosphere)

Non-fiction: Recounts, Persuasive Adverts & Autobiographies

Living Things and their Habitats

Art & Design:
Sketching (Perspective – Stephen Wiltshire)

Number (Decimals & Percentages, Algebra)


Religious Education:
Sikhism How do Sikh’s worship?


Wider World

Physical Education:
Gymnastics (Matching & Mirroring) & Games: Invasion (Dodgeball)

Geography | History:
UK Regional Study – London | London & The British Monarchy

Big Business Challenge Project:
Children explore entrepreneurship and launch their own businesses that provide a service

Enrichment Opportunities:
Residential Visit to London eSafety Week Big Business Challenge Project

Essential Skill:
Aiming High & Problem Solving

Playing & Enjoying Sport

No Outsiders:
The Whisperer