The theme of our learning is refugees, and the journeys people have to endure to find safety. Here we focus on the history of displacement over time and, more specifically, the impact of immigration to the UK. Furthermore, our children are encouraged to empathise with people whose lives have been turned upside down through no fault of their own, and consider how we could support these people within our local community.

Quality Text: A Story like the Wind

Our quality text is ‘Story Like the Wind’ – a story of hope and freedom, told through the experiences of a group huddled on a small boat at sea.


Poetry: Reverse

Narrative: Hybrid Fable/Traditional Tale

Non-fiction: Recount (Newspaper Report), Balanced Argument & Formal Letter


Art & Design:
Painting (Seascapes – Joseph Turner)

Number (Ratio), Number (Algebra) & Number (Decimals)


Religious Education:
Sikhism How do Sikh’s worship?

Text Adventures

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Physical Education:
Dance (Titanic) & Games (Invasion – Netball)

Geography | History:
Refugee Migration

Big Business Challenge Project:
Children explore entrepreneurship and launch their own businesses that provide a service

Enrichment Opportunities:
Residential Visit to London eSafety Week Big Business Challenge Project

Essential Skill:
Aiming High & Problem Solving

Planning a French Holiday

No Outsiders:
King of the Sky