We will develop our chronological narrative through the study of Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons and their struggle with the Vikings for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. We study how the invasion of England and the subsequent displacement of people during this period of history has shaped our country and its culture.

Quality Text: Shield Maiden

Set during the times of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking conflict, The Shield Maiden is the story of the role that King Alfred’s daughter Aetheflaed has as the King battles the Vikings.


Poetry: Kennings

Narrative: Historical Recount

Non-fiction: Letters

Animals, including Humans

Art & Design:
Printing (Saxon Patterns)

Geometry (Shape), Geometry (Position & Direction) & Number (Decimals)

Snare Drums

Religious Education:
Christianity – Change to Christianity – Which concepts do we find hard to understand in Christianity?

Game Creator

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Physical Education:
Games (Tennis) & Games (Striking & Fielding – Rounders)

Vikings and British Anglo-Saxons Day Visit to Tatton Park (Anglo-Saxons Living History)

French Verbs

No Outsiders:
The Girls

Essential Skill:
Problem Solving & Listening

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Tatton Park (Anglo-Saxons Living History), School Visit from Cheshire Fire Service Smoke Tent, Year 5 Class Assembly