We will explore the huge technological innovations that allowed man to walk on the Moon and how this continues to drive our thirst for knowledge and the exploration of space.

We will explore the changing interpretations of what we could see in the night-sky; how modern scientific discovery shapes our understanding our place in the Universe, and the laws in which we exist.

Quality Text: Where Once We Stood

“Where Once We Stood” captures the first-hand accounts of an extraordinary chapter in our history, when twelve human beings set foot upon the Moon.


Poetry: Free Verse

Narrative: Exploration

Non-fiction: Non-chronological Report

World Study – UK & North America Comparison

Religious Education:
Islam Why are the five pillars important to Muslims?

Number (Multiplication & Division), Perimeter & Area

Earth & Space

Art & Design:
Painting/Collage (Abstract Space – Peter Thorpe)

Online Safety & Spreadsheets

Health & Wellbeing

No Outsiders:
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

In the City

Rock & KS2 Christmas Production

Essential Skills:
Speaking & Leadership

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Space Port or Jodrell Bank KS2 Christmas Production, Anti-Bullying Week Remembrance, Road Safety Week

Physical Education:
Games: Invasion (Netball) & Gymnastics (Counter Balance & Counter Tension)