We will explore the changing landscape around us – identifying change in our local environment, and the impacts – negative and positive – we have made. The children will explore the industrial heritage in the locality, its place in the wider world, and its impact on our local geography. Local visits help to highlight how our industrial heritage is celebrated, whilst examining how environmental damage is being reversed with the help of human intervention.

Quality Text: The Promise

The Promise is the story of great beauty and hope about the power we have to transform our world – where people and nature live in harmony.


Poetry: Free Verse

Narrative: Fable (Character, Setting & Atmosphere)

Non-fiction: Newspaper Report

Living Things & their Habitats

Concept Maps

Number (Decimals & Percentages), Measurement (Perimeter & Area) & Statistics

Religious Education:
Christianity – What can we learn from Christian religious buildings and music?

French Speaking World

Essential Skill:
Creativity & Speaking

UK Local Study – Anderton

Art & Design:
3D Sculpture – Clay Tiles
(Ceramics – Laura Carlin)

Breaking News Project:
Children research and present news articles, podcasts or broadcasts

Snare Drums

Health & Wellbeing

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Anderton Nature Park & Anderton Boat Lift, Breaking News Project Bikeability (one class), Fairtrade Fortnight, Reading Week, Science Week

No Outsiders:
Kenny Lives with Erica & Martina

Physical Education:
Outdoor Adventure Activities (Problem Solving) & Games (Invasion – Netball)