House & Homes

We will learn about houses and homes. We shall explore the homes (and items you might find in there) of the past and compare and contrast them to current homes. We will also work as scientists to investigate the best waterproof materials for the roof of a house and we shall work as designers to construct strong, free-standing structures.

Quality Text: The Three Little Pigs

We read ‘The Three Little Pigs’ as our quality text. We base our science and Design and Technology lessons around construction with the Three Little Pigs in mind. This is an early introduction of our displacement and invasion interconnection.


Poetry: Acrostic

Narrative: Defeating the Monster (Traditional Tale)

Non-fiction: Newspaper Reports

Everyday Materials

Houses and Homes from the Past

Number (Place Value) & Addition & Subtraction

Hey You!

Religious Education:
Christianity – What does it mean to belong?

Online Safety & Grouping & Sorting


No Outsiders:
Ten Little Pirates

Design & Technology:
Construction (Freestanding Structures – Three Little Pigs)

Enrichment Opportunities:
Harvest Festival

Physical Education:
Locomotion (Ready, Steady, Ride) & Gymnastics (Wide, Narrow, Curled)

Essential Skill:
Staying Positive & Listening