With the change in season comes new learning opportunities. We will learn all about changing seasons and weather. We explore seasonal changes across the UK, and the changes in weather, daylight hours and physical features this can bring. We will use the autumnal changes to inspire some natural 3D sculptures based on Andy Goldsworthy’s art.

Quality Text: Stick Man

Our quality text is ‘Stick Man’. We will delve into the world of Julia Donaldson to further our learning into seasons and the physical differences they bring. The children love following the trials and tribulations of poor Stick Man through the lovely rhyming pages.


Poetry: Kennings

Narrative: Adventure

Non-fiction: Letters

Everyday Materials & Seasonal Changes

UK Regional Study –
Seasonal Changes

Geometry (Shape) &
Number (Place Value)

Rhythm in The Way We Walk and The Banana Rap (Reggae) & KS1 Christmas Production

Religious Education:
Christianity – Why is Christmas celebrated by Christians?

Pictograms & Lego Builder


Physical Education:
Dance (The Zoo)

Art & Design:
3D Sculpture (Natural Resources – Andy Goldsworthy)

Essential Skill:
Speaking & Leadership

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Delamere Forest, KS1 Christmas Production Anti-Bullying Week, Remembrance, Road Safety

No Outsiders:
Errol’s Garden