Life In Africa

We will learn all there is to know about Africa. We take a look at where Africa is in the world and what it would be like to live in Africa by learning all about its culture. We also explore the climate, environment and wildlife of Africa in comparison to ours.

Quality Text:
The Lion Inside

We read ‘The Lion Inside’ as our quality text and take part in lots of interesting activities connected with this book. The heart-warming story will remind us of the importance of individuality and help us deepen and apply our knowledge of Africa.


Poetry: Free Verse (Repetition)

Narrative: Animal

Non-fiction: Non-Chronological Report

Round & Round (Bossa Nova)

Essential Skill:
Creativity & Speaking

Number (Place Value), Measurement (Length & Height) & Measurement (Mass & Volume)

No Outsiders:
Want To Play Trucks?

Physical Health and Wellbeing

World Study – UK & Africa

Design & Technology
Cooking & Nutrition (Preparing
Fruit & Vegetables – Fairtrade Kebabs)

Religious Education:
Christianity – What do we think about how the world was made and how we should look after it?

Animated Story Books

Physical Education:
Ball Skills 2 (Hands) & Gymnastics (Wide, Narrow, Curved)

Animals, Including Humans & Seasonal Changes

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Chester Zoo, Residential Visit to Delamere School Visit from Local Priest, Fairtrade Fortnight, Reading Week Science Week, Year 1 Class Assembly