Fairy Tales

Spring term begins with fairy tales. We will use the innovated stories we create in our writing to design and produce fuzzy felt story boards.

Quality Text: Little Red Reading Hood

Our quality text is ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ which is a modern twist on the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. This version promotes overcoming challenges and provides wonderful writing opportunities for our children to pursue.


Poetry: Rhyming Couplets

Narrative: Fairy Tale

Non-fiction: Instructions

Animals, including Humans & Seasonal Changes

Florence Nightingale & the
British Victorian Monarchy

Number (Addition & Subtraction
& Place Value)

In the Groove (Blues, Baroque,
Latin, Bhangra, Folk, Funk)

Religious Education:
Christianity – What does it mean to belong? Day Visit to Local Church

Maze Explorers

Design & Technology
Textiles (Templates & Joining
Techniques – Fuzzy Felts)

Physical Education:
Ball Skills (Feet) & Health and Wellbeing

Physical Health & Wellbeing

No Outsiders:
Going to the Volcano

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to a Local Church
eSafety Week

Essential Skill:
Aiming High & Problem Solving