We will follow the journey of Christopher Columbus as he journeyed to the Americas. We will explore the social change that occurred as a result of his journey and use historical evidence to create our own opinions on his journey and the displacement and invasion that followed.

Quality Text: The Secret of Black Rock

We read ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ as our quality text. We will follow Erin as she defies her friends and family to explore the dangerous sea near her village. On her journey, she uncovers a remarkable secret.


Poetry: Free Verse (Question & Answer)

Narrative: Adventure

Non-fiction: Persuasive Postcard

Your Imagination (Pop)

Essential Skill:
Problem Solving & Listening

Number (Multiplication & Division),
Fractions & Geometry (Position
& Direction)

No Outsiders:
My World, Your World

Wider World


Art & Design:
Mixed Media -Painting & Collage (Fish)

Religious Education:
Christianity – Why did Jesus teach through stories?

Plants & Seasonal Changes

Physical Education:
Locomotion (Jumping) & Team Building

Enrichment Opportunities:
Day Visit to Local Beach
Gallery Opening Project

Gallery Opening Project:
Children create an exhibition of art work and give tours
to other children and their families

Christopher Columbus